Andy Preston Chief Financial Officer

I completed my BTEC National Diploma in Business and Finance and went out into the big, wide world as an office junior in an accounting firm. The following five years saw me develop my accounting knowledge and experience to the stage where I had learned all I could with the current firm. I moved to a company as Assistant Accountant for a business that sold Intel co-processors. Five years on from there, I had been promoted to Financial Accountant running the accounts office. My final career move in England saw me move to Southampton and become the Group Accountant for the BSA Regal group of companies. Any motorcycle fans out there have probably heard of BSA Company and the famous motorcycles of the ‘60s they produced, including the Goldstar. This position included running the financials for eight separate companies (invaluable experience for the way we grew The Preston Partnership in America.). Five years on and I got the call from my brother to come out to Atlanta. The rest is history. Today, as Chief Financial Officer, I am running the accounting department in Atlanta and D.C. I have always been a numbers guy and the position is both challenging and rewarding. Seeing my brother’s company grow firsthand has been an incredible experience. It’s now just myself and my accountant running the company finances including the big picture forecasts to the day-to-day necessities.