Gables Upper Rock
Rockville, MC

Gables Upper Rock is a mid-density project integrated into the fabric of the surrounding office, residential and retail community. To engage the community, a series of public parks were integrated into the landscape design, featuring local art, community gathering spaces and a series of “Spanish Steps” connecting the project to the neighborhood around it. An at-grade linear courtyard boasts an inclusive social area featuring a fire pit, barbeque grills, and an outdoor theater. Further down the linear courtyard path, pergolas and specialty pavement lead to a fountain surrounded by intensely landscaped earthen berms. A dramatically lit 1,600 square foot pool is located on the highest level of the courtyard, framed by cabanas, lounge chairs and lush greenery. The lower level courtyard consists of a series of gathering spaces varying in size and shape, with fireplaces, grills and an outdoor pool table. Both courtyards are highlighted with a dramatic, two-level pergola comprised of monumental laminated wood beams and a split level fountain with water cascading down a series of staggered scuppers.